Quick Ways To Spot The Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Wolf Grey

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This is a last minute comparison I put together to help you identify the Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Wolf Grey. The shoes are officially releasing on March 18; I’ll be adding a list of stockists with authentic pairs at the bottom of the page.

I also added this picture to show you how much rougher the surface of the suede leather is on the authentic pair. Moreover when you look at the plastic tab, the jumpman wording is centered on the real pair and has a different font.

The authentic pair has visible and vivid perforations on the panels, while the fake pair‘s perforations are hardly noticeable ( see yellow square). The Jumpman wording on the plastic tab is centered on the authentic pair but misaligned on the fakes ( see yellow arrow).

The fake pair on the picture above is very bad one; the heel counter is vertical, the perforations are pretty much invisible and the cut of the lining on the back tab is very sharp. You can also see how the jumpman wording on the fakes is once again positioned incorrectly ( it is supposed to be centered).

The grey eyelet has extra ridges on the real pair and only one on the fakes ( see yellow circle). The lining around the tongue and the heel collar is thicker on the authentic pair ( see yellow square and arrow).

Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Wolf Grey

The carbon fiber pattern is completely off on the  Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Wolf Grey ( see yellow square).

These are the main flaws I noticed; I’ll be making updates in the days to come. Here is a list of stores and eBay sellers carrying authentic pairs; you can buy from them with confidence.

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