Quick Tips To Spot The Fake Air Foamposite One Copper

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To be honest with you, this is almost a waste of time; these Fake Air Foamposite One Copper are pretty much identical to the authentic pairs. I only spotted a couple of flaws and I can guarantee most people won’t even care about them.

If you look at the edges of the foam shells , you can see that on the authentic pair,the angle is steeper than it is on the fakes ( see yellow line and arrow pointing down). And if you look at the drop ( see horizontal yellow arrow), it is a little curvy on the real pair but very sharp on the fakes.


The area between the edges of the shells and the heel collar is a bit more extended on the authentic pair( it goes further down).

You can see clear differences on the carbon fiber shanks.


The font of the numbers and letters isn’t the same and on the suggested retail price sticker, you don’t see the dotted line on the Fake Air Foamposite One Copper.

Foreign letters on the box label, the numbers are very sloppy

Now for those looking for authentic pairs, here is a list of stockists that will carry the shoes the day they release. I’ve also added a list of eBay sellers with legitimate pairs, see listings below


Nike Air Foamposite One Copper 314996 007

Style#314996 007, April 20, $230

Where To Buy:

You can purchase authentic pairs from our featured sellers, CLICK HERE

For more authentication posts, visit our Legit Check page.

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