Here Are Quick Tips To Bust The Fake Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia UNC

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The low top 11 UNC will officially drop this Saturday; fakes have been on the market for quite some time but I didn’t want to do a comparison prior to seeing the shoes myself. Two days ago, one of the store employees in my local mall  was gracious enough to allow me to take quick pictures. So the comparison below is based on the actual pictures for retail stores.

Fake Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia UNC

Focus on the nylon lace loops extensions on the panels; they are lightbone/ white on the authentic pair and snow white on the fakes. You can clearly see that the uppers and the loop extensions are of the same color on the authentic pair. On the fakes the loop extensions and the uppers have contrasting colors.

The patent leather on the authentic pair is carolina blue in contrast to a lighter ocean blue patent leather on the Fake Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia. The Jumpman is correctly centered on the authentic pair; but on the fakes, the jumpman is almost adjacent to the edge of the patent leather on the back. The “#23” on the authentic pair covers the entire back tab ( by the way the back tab is thicker on the real pair).

once again the forefoot threads have a different color shade and are deeper on the authentic pair in contrast to the shallow grooves on the fakes.

I don’t have any words to describe the differences in the carbon fiber, hopefully the picture is enough for you.

The font is different and the jumpman is of a darker metallic gold color on the real pair and a lighter gold on the fakes. Actually the jumpman on the fakes is slightly bigger


The numbers are barely legible and the gap between the style # and the wording is smaller on the fakes

This is not an exhaustive list and I’m sure the replica factories will soon updates the fakes; stay tuned for further updates.



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tayib salami