How To Authenticate Or Legit Check Your Own Sneakers

how to authenticate or legit check your own sneakers

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A couple of months ago I was checking my website’s statistics to find out what the most viewed articles were, and the results were astonishing, see link below

Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications

A substantial amount of the folks that visited my site were looking at the Real vs Fake content and it makes perfect sense. The market has been so flooded with near perfect fake sneakers that the average person and even the most trained authenticator have a difficult time identifying a replica shoe from its authentic counterpart. Every time you purchase a shoe from a n unauthorized vendor ( third party merchant), there are strong chances that you were probably sold a counterfeit. I receive tons of emails from folks asking me to authenticate or legit check their sneakers. So I decided to write this post to help you perform that task from the comfort of your own house. Here are quick, simple and effective ways to authenticate your own sneakers.

Sneakers without the QR Code & RFID tag

1. You’ve already heard this one before, if it’s too good to be true  then it’s a scam; in other words if the price of the shoe you are purchasing is ridiculously low, then stay away from it. I understand that this isn’t the most practical way to authenticate your sneakers, but it’s a good start.
2. Check out my Real vs Fake page ( which is house to over 100 posts with slides showing you differences between fake and legitimate sneakers ). Why is this important? Usually the same flaws are repeated on similar silhouettes. So you can use the post as a backdrop to authenticate your own shoe

Sneakers with the QR Code & RFID tag

The RFID and the QR code are both placed on your box label and the QR code is also placed on your inside label
1.  Sneaker brands are aware of the amount of money they leave on the table because of counterfeits and they are constantly trying to implement new technologies to protect their commodities. The advent of the QR code and the RFID  is probably the best thing that could’ve happened in the sneaker world. I wrote a post about the Qr code be sure to check it out
Why are those two pieces so important? You will find out once you watch the video below in its entirety. The video will teach you how to authenticate any sneakers with a QR code and an RFID tag on it.
PS: I know in this video I used a pair Nike but the RFID and QR code technology work the same on all commodities ( so you can apply the same method for any other brand).
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