Fake Supreme Nike Air More Uptempo Gold Spotted-No Shoe is Safe

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Oh my goodness, the replica factories never to cease me; they are getting better with every fake they put out. Should i even call them fakes? I don’t even know if the label “fake” still holds here. I’ve come across very terrible replicas i.e the Jordan 1 Wings, but this pair of Fake Supreme Nike Air More Uptempo Gold was one of the hardest to identify. I did my best to point out some differences I saw but to be honest, even those nuances are up for discussion. Check the comparison below and judge for yourselves.

The stitching on the authentic pair is neat and you can see the threads ( check both yellow arrows); on the fakes the stitching job is poorly executed ( you can’t really the threads but rather uneven holes). And if you look at the perforations on the forefoot panels, the holes on the fakes appear bigger.

Once again, the stitching on both pairs is different; the authentic pair looks vibrant and shiny and the wrinkles on the tumbled leather are vivid but too subtle on the fakes. And additionally, the fake pair looks dull with a darker shade.

If you look at the oval shapes on the heel, they are full on the fake pair. But on the authentic pair, the oval shapes in the middle are half- full.

These were the only differences I was able to spot; so I added additional pictures of the fakes for your convenience.

Now here is where to get authentic pairs, I’ve gathered listings from legitimate sellers on ebay for your convenience.


tayib salami