Fake Sneakers Have Now Graduated, Here Come The 98.9%ers

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I️ thought I️ was doing a phenomenal job with the real vs fake comparisons until I️ got reprimanded by one of my regular readers, Steve Joseph. This is what he said to me a few days ago,

Too many obvious flaws on this 1 or 2nd gen pair. Look out for the 3rd or 4th. By the 4th they would be 98.9% identical.

Buying 1st or 2nd gen fakes is like updating the OS on your phone. You always update when the patches and point something version comes out. Not the original release. It’s buggy, problematic and full of obvious flaws.

And he is absolutely right; basically what he is saying is that I’m two or three steps behind. By the time I’m done doing a comparison, better fakes have already hit the market and many of them are undetectable to the untrained eye. Anyone can be fooled by the new breed of fakes which they now call the 98.9%ers. Obviously a 98.9%er( as it pertains to sneakers) means that the shoe is basically 98.9% identical to its authentic counterpart, in other words the flaws are insignificant. The replica industry is well organized, and fakes come in different shapes. The worst ones are the ones you come across at the flea market, the kind that your unsuspecting  grandmother will buy you for Christmas.
This is an example of a very terrible fake, the kind that you don’t need to waste time authenticating
There are also the A or A+ grades; a lot of the fakes you see exposed on this platform fall in that category. They are close enough to the authentic pairs but the flaws become obvious with the backdrop of a real pair . These are the fakes you see on taobao and a lot of overseas sites; interestingly enough, those sites actually tell you that they are A grade or use covert terms such as Supermax, UA ( unauthorized authentic), 1:1 and they’ll even try to fool you by using the word authentic. The pictures below will shed some light on it.
The screenshot is terrible but that’s the best I could do. If you look at the yellow rectangle and circle and the red arrows, you’ll see all the words they use for their type of fakes. In this case it was Supermax, Authentic, and 1:1. I highly doubt that their shoes are 1:1 because everytime I use their pics for a comparison, i always find flaws
Once again, my apologies. This guy is actually more deceiving. His so called authentic pairs fall in the A grade category and are part of the very first batch of fakes. They always have notable flaws


A lot of these replica  sellers have scouts that purposely look for comparisons like the ones I️ do just so they can send the shoes back to the factory to be perfected. Now let’s talk about the new breed of fakes known as the 98.9%ers; what I’m about to say next is purely presumptive. The 98.9%ers are birthed out of the process of reworking already existing A grade fake sneakers.  The replica industry is a multi-million dollar one and companies like Perfectkicks have invested in expensive machinery to produce top notch replicas. They also purchase OEM materials from factories where the actual brands source their raw materials and consequently their breed of fakes are basically identical to the legitimate product. They make it a point to  showcase the manufacturing process on their platform- included in the process is a display of each component that makes the shoe before it’s put together ( uppers, heel, sole, insole, cushioning material, heel tab, basically everything). And once they get the approval stamp from their audience, the shoes are produced and oftentimes in very limited numbers. You’ll be amazed at the amount of request they get. The 98.9%ers are definitely disrupting the market to some degree. When you have fakes of this type that you can’t identify, the amount of problems I️ foresee are scary. There are tons of marketplaces that pride themselves in offering authenticating services/marketplaces and I wonder how many of these 98.9%ers have passed their authentication process.  I will be the first one to admit that I️ can easily be fooled by a 98.9%er even though I’ve been doing this for years. And my question is: when is the 98.9%er going to become a 100%er, or has it already become a 100%er and we are just oblivious to it? And if that is the case, will it cause you to buy a fake pair if NO ONE CAN IDENTIFY IT?What are some other serious implications? I can only imagine, give it some thought and let me know what you think.
But at the end of the day, it’s only shoes and it shouldn’t be this serious, buy what you want and BE YOURSELF.
This is perfectkicks Semi frozen Yeezy 350. The company claims that their Primekit material was obtained from Huayiyi ( which is the factory that supposedly supplies Adidas the PK material). I don’t know it that is true but that is what they claim. And see how they pin their own shoes against other fakes so they can stand out.

This is Perfectkicks’ own mission statement on their website

How much you know about PK ambitions and dream of making the real 1:1 Replica, Please dont order if you dont. We only sell them to PK fans and those who know about it. We are pround of all the praises and good comment from all the customer, Pk going strong and strong through all the negative criticism from the same line competitors

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