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The Fake Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 Is Out Beware

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I wrote a post about the Sean Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 1/97 a couple of weeks ago. And I was explaining how the project was a brilliant by Nike. You can find the post in the link below

Sean Wotherspoon’s Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Brilliant Move By Nike

I knew it was only a matter of time until fake pairs appeared. Being so limited, these shoes are the perfect target for bootleggers.  I can’t rely on any pictures I’ve come across online so I used the official pictures from Nike’s site.

I know some of you will notice the differences in the colors but that’s not a good way to identify fakes from real. Remember the more details on a shoe, the harder it is to replicate it. I bet you the materials on the fakes isn’t the same as the one on the authentic. But there is no telling; the noticeable difference was the pattern of the layers. On the section colored in peach/salmon, the lines are descending on the authentic pair and ascending on the fakes ( see red lines).

Once again, see how different the pattern of the lines is between both pairs ( see red lines). The heel counter is an area bootleggers tend to mess up. The red arrow shoes you how rounded the authentic pair is.

Left pair
Right pair

I chose not to add any comments on the pictures above because I’ve already mentioned the different patterns. I’ve also added more pictures of the fakes below. Stay away anyone selling pair similar the one below.

Once again check the pattern of the lines on the tongue tab. I highlighted in red

There you have it guys, once I get access to more pictures of the authentic pair, I’ll update the post. Stay tuned.

tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami