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Fake Levi Air Jordan 4’s Are Already Out, Don’t Get Got..

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Well well well, that didn’t take too long, If you weren’t worried about the Fake Levi Air Jordan 4’s being bootlegged, you should now. I don’t have an authentic pair on hands to do a comparison, so the only thing I can do is show you the fakes and if you see anyone selling a pair that bears the same traits, stay away from them.

Areas you need to watch out for when it comes to Jordan 4’s are the tongue the panel underlays, the heel air units
on the auhentic pair, I bet you the air pocket is slightly bigger
Also make sure to check out the bumps on the heel tab, they are usually subtle on the fakes, but these appear OK. and thej umpman is also an area to watch out for
also , you can clearly see that the size sticker is a foregin one, big red flag but in China, the size is obviously going to be in chinese so that isn’t necessarily a good way to authenticate them
packaging is also a good way to authenticate the shoe, especially the size label. the prints are usually of a different font between the fakes and the authentic pairs.

As soon as I get my hands on an authentic pair in the same size , i’ll do a comparison, stay tuned.

I guarantee you many eBay sellers are carrying these fakes so be very cautious and only buy them from legitimate sellers.

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tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami