Fake DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3 Grateful Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify Them

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I don’t have any background story on the DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3 Grateful, and frankly I didn’t try to find out what motivated JB to do a project with him. As you can see I’m not very fond of the guy but I do respect his accomplishments. His upcoming Jordan 3 Grateful has been replicated due to its scarcity and here is how to spot the Fake DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3 .

The quarter panel elephant print overlay is higher on the fakes ( see the yellow square). I’ve also added a yellow arrow to show you how smaller the gap between the overlay and heel stitching is on the fakes. Another thing to look at is the air chamber; the carving of the chamber isn’t the same on both pairs and it appears wider on the authentic pair( probably an indication that the authentic has more air in it).

The area of the midsole highlighted by the yellow rectangle is more shiny and glossy on the authentic pair than it is on the Fake DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3 . And the yellow arrow shows you how bigger the gap highlighted is on the fakes than it is on the authentic pair.

This is another area that replica factories tend to mess up a lot. The ankle liner is often not very thick on the fakes- you can clearly notice that on the picture above as well.

You can definitely see how higher the cement print overlay is on the fakes ( check the yellow arrows). The position and shape of the jumpman isn’t the same between both pairs. The “We The Best” is glossy on the authentic pair, the midsole is also glossy on the authentic pair. And the fake pair appears bulky and wider than the authentic pair. The bumps on the back tab are thicker and wider on the authentic pair than they are on the fakes.

The inside of the back tab on the fakes is shiny and glossy; the material used on the fake tab is of poor quality. The font of the letters on on both tabs does not look the same.

There you have it guys, stay tuned for further updates.

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