Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Flight Jacket Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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I haven’t done one of theses Real VS Fake comparisons for a while; and I’ll admit that the busting these fakes is getting harder by the minute and it requires a lot of paying attention to details.I’m using the “eye test”, basically relying on what my eyes see, and with the way the fakes have improved , there is going to come a time when we won’t be able to differentiate a fake shoe from a real one. Here are some quick ways to spot the Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Flight Jacket.

Can you see how the authentic pair is a bit brighter than the fake one. The Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle appear dull and the material used on them isn’t waterproof- you can notice it if you zero in on the quarter panel pod ( see red arrow, the material isn’t the same). And if you look at the ridges on the lateral heel panel, they are wider on the fakes.


The area containing the quilted pattern is more stretched and extended on the fake pair ( and the quilted pattern is also wrinkly on the fakes). If you look at the red circles, you can easily see how the leather is cut a bit higher on the fakes than it is on the authentic pair. And I put another emphasis on the difference in the ridges ( see yellow arrow).

Again you can clearly see how the quilted area near the forefoot is of a different shape on the fake pair ( see yellow circle). The midsole is also brighter/shiny on the authentic pair and very dull on the fake one.

You can clearly see how the color of the midsole blends in well with the uppers on the authentic pair; but on the fake one, the color difference is very noticeable ( the transition from the green on the uppers to the green on the midsole is not smooth but very sudden). The heel liner on the back appears lower on the fake pair ( see yellow arrow pointing up). I’ll also add that the jumpman logo doesn;t look the same on either pair but the difference is very subtle.

The box label definitely has some major differences; the font of the letters is bold on the fake pair;  the lid of the  fake box is very pale and blurry.

Well, there you have it folks, I might have missed some other details so feel free to add any other nuances you spot. This isn’t exhaustive and I try to do the best that I can to help.

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