Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade White Orange Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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The GR gatorade 6 dropped a few weeks ago but I didn’t have a chance to do a real vs fake comparison till a few days ago. Here it is for your convenience; both pairs you see in the presentation below are size 9. Here is how to spot the Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade

Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade white orange

The heel counter of the authentic pair is more rounded ( more curvy) than that of the fake pair. The heel tab of the fake pair has a different shape as well ( see yellow rectangle). The air chamber of the real pair appears a little wider and the area around it is a bit foggy/dark in comparison to the fake pair. Also if you zero in on the yellow arrow pointing up, you can see that the black shape basically covers the entire heel ( remember both shoes are the same size).

Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade sideview

The placement of the holes and the size of the holes are completely dissimilar on both pairs ( see yellow square).

Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade panel view

One again, take a look at the holes and their placement between both pairs. Remember both pairs are the same size so the features ought to be the same. The holes appear to be adjacent to the upper part of the forefoot overlays while adjacent to the bottom part of the overlays on the real pair.

Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade back

There are a lot of differences on the back as well; the jumpmen certainly do not look the same. The spacing between the “AIR” and the edge of the midsole is bigger on the authentic pair. If you look at the ball in the jumpman hand, it basically is co linear with the heel tab on the authentic pair; but on the Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade pair the ball sits way below the heel tab.

You can clearly see that the font of the letters and numbers is bolder on the authentic pair.

There you have it folks, I’m sure the fakes will be upgraded soon, so stay tuned. Refer to the links and listings below for authentic pairs

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