Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade Green Suede Spotted-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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The green Air Jordan 6 Gatorade is set to officially release in early December; fake pairs have been out for quite some time now but without the backdrop of an official pair, it’s hard to do a comparison. Last week “Sam Group” released what I’m assuming are official pictures of the shoes and that’s what I used as my reference. Here is how to spot and identify the Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade Green Suede

On most fake sneakers, the ankle liner is usually not very noticeable and the same applies here; you can see how thicker the liner is on the authentic pair in comparison to the Fake Air Jordan 6 Gatorade Green Suede. The next thing is the perforations on the side pods; the placement and size of the holes is totally different between both pairs ( see yellow square and circle).

If you look at the air unit at the heel, it’s more extended on the authentic pair. And if you pay attention to the outsole at the heel, it is icey blue on the authentic pair and clear on the fakes ( see yellow arrow pointing up). The orange shape above the air unit at the heel is brighter and bold on the authentic pair and pale on the fake one. The two squares on the panels also sow you how the holes and their placement are dissimilar between both pairs.

The style # of the shoes is supposed to be AJ5986-335 but on the fake pair it says :384664 145. You could save yourself a lot of time by asking anyone selling these shoes to show you the inside label and check the style#.

Again I’m sure the fakes will get an upgrade very soon, and I’ll be adding more pictures for your convenience so stay tuned.

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