Fake Air Jordan 5 V White Cement Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify Them

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Yesterday , I wrote a post giving you a rather extensive origin about fake sneakers, you can read the article Here. In today’s comparison I will how you quick ways to identify the Fake Air Jordan 5 V White Cement.

Look at the differences of the leather material on the heel panel; the fakes have a rough texture with many wrinkles while the authentic pair has a smoother surface ( see yellow square). The air chamber appears to have double lines on its bottom part on the authentic pair and none on the fakes.

I always want to make sure my comparisons are consistent, so I look at more than one pair of fakes to solidify my argument. Here what you see is a real pair pinned against 2 fake pairs, and looking at the heel panel, you notice how smooth the surface of the authentic pair is while the fakes have a rougher, wrinkly surface.

The holes on the netting area aren’t the same size on either pairs ( the fakes tend to have smaller, narrower holes). And I’ve put another emphasis on the leather material beneath the netting area- rough on the fakes and much smoother on the authentic pair.

The Jumpman logo appears to have a protuberant belly and once again check out the texture of the leather ( very rough on the fakes).

You can clearly see that the outsole of the fakes have a darker blue shade; moreover if you see the extension of the hand of the jumpman  ( on the bottom picture), you can clearly see that it is very blurry ( see yellow rectangle).


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