Fake Air Jordan 5 University Red Suede Spotted-Quick Ways To Spot Them

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The fake air jordan 5 university red suede had been out for months, and since I had the chance to see the official pair a couple of days ago, I have a more accurate comparison for you guys.

The color differences are obvious; the authentic pair is thoroughly red while the fake one is off red ( it has a blend of orange and red). The tongue of the authentic pair is thicker than that of the Fake Air Jordan 5 University Red Suede, the pictures below will solidify my observation.

You can clearly see how the tongue of the authentic pair is more padded than the tongue of the fake pair. Also the lining around the tongue and the  quarter panel of the authentic pair is also wider/ thicker than the lining on the fakes ( see yellow arrow and and circle). Also look at the lace holes, they appear slightly longer on the authentic pair than on the fakes.

The netting does not look the same on both pairs ( see yellow arrow pointing down); the edge of the area adjacent to the netting is smooth with visible stitches on the authentic pair. Compare that to the rough edge on the fakes with no apparent stitching.

The edge of the area beneath the netting is smooth on the real pair and rough on the fakes ( and I’ll also add the visible stitching on the authentic pair). Moreover the air chamber appears to have double lines on its bottom part on the authentic pair and none on the fakes.

Have you noticed how hairy the suede material is on the authentic pair? Not only that but the jumpman logo on the authentic pair is slightly thicker with wider legs than the one on the fakes.

Well there you have it, if anyone feels like adding anything extra, you’re free to do so, we are all here to learn.

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