Fake Air Jordan 4 Raptor Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify It

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The Fake Air Jordan 4 Raptor has been out for quite some time but I was waiting to get my hands on a retail pair prior to doing my comparison. I had to wait because I couldn’t find any apparent flaws with the pictures I gathered online and I didn’t want to lead people astray. One of the problems I’ve encountered with the side by side comparisons had to do with lighting and colors ( it’s hard to see the differences when both authentic and fake pairs aren’t on hands). With the raptors 4, the main differences were the color variations between both the replica and real pair, see pictures below.

The shape of the back of the replica pair is very abrupt ( lack in roundness) and you can barely see the bump at the bottom ( see yellow lines).  The midsole of the authentic pair is dark purple while the fake pair has a light purple midsole ( both pictures were taken outside so lighting isn’t a factor). I’ve also added a yellow rectangle on the heel panel to show you how crooked the stitching is on the fakes. The fake pair has no shoe trees/insert but the real pair has a white insert ( that’s an easy fix though).

Here is a picture of the lateral side to show you the differences in the shape of the heel and the nuances in the midsole colors.

This is how dangerous this is, the only differences I noticed here are the differences in the colors of both the jumpman logo and the midsole ( light purple on fakes and dark purple on the real pair). This is an easy fix for the replica industry ( just imagine how difficult it will be if both shoes were of the same shade of purple). I don’t see any flaws in the stitching or spacing here ( correct me if i’m wrong).


The inside of the tongue is blood red on the authentic pair and rose/red on the fakes.

The fake label has the correct upc code but the retail price is wrong ( $190 on the fakes and $200 on the authentic pair). The font and shape of the letters and numbers also differs between both labels.

There you have it folks, fakes are getting out of hand and it’s getting harder to detect them.

Here are a list of legitimate eBay sellers with authentic pairs for your convenience


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