Fake Air Jordan 3 Oregon Duck Tinker Hatfield Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify It

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Fake pairs of the Air Jordan 3 Oregon Duck Tinker Hatfield  and here are quick tips to identify them.

I hope you can see the obvious contrast between the green color on the authentic pair and the fake one ( the green is darker on the real pair and pale on the fake one).

The elephant print cracks on the real pair are more clustered than they are on the fake one ( you can see the clear contrast between both pairs).

A view at the back of the shoes gives you a better look at the differences in the height of the tab on the back ( see yellow rectangles). The ” O” on the authentic pair is shinier on the fake pair than it is on the authentic pair.

Here is a picture of the inside label; if you see any seller carrying anything similar to what you see below, stay away from him/her.

I’ll update the post if I come across any additional pictures of the authentic pair.

PS: The Real VS Fake posts require a lot of time to write because replica/counterfeits are getting better and spotting their flaws is a meticulous task. I understand that some of you may still be unsure about the authenticity of your sneakers, this is why I’m providing the video below to give additional help. Be sure to watch it in its entirety and don’t forget to subscribe to my website. Your support is greatly appreciated


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