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The Fake Air Jordan 3 Mocha Is Already Out- Beware

you've probably heard my Air Jordan 3 mocha story several times; for those who haven't I bought them for $79.99 in 2003 from Lakeforest Champs store in montgomery county. The Mocha 3 is making a comeback this year, and I shared a post about it a while back, see link below. But today I just wanted to warn you, and let you know that fake pairs are already in the market, and they look good, so don't be deceived. I don't have an authentic pair to do a comparison so i'll just give you some quick pointers to identify them. WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR I know  some folks will argue with me about the slides above based on the fact that the real pair I'm using is from the 2001 edition. If whoever is selling the fakes claims his/her pair was the original one, you could ask him/her why is there  no discoloration. And if he/she says this is the upcoming 2018 edition, then I'll show further down why he/sh
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