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Fake Air Jordan 3 III Seoul Detected- Quick Ways To Identify It

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I wrote a post about Nike’s new strategy of growing its brand internationally and more precisely Korea in this case, see link below.

The Air Jordan 3 III Seoul Was Another Strategic Move By Nike

The Air Jordan 3 Seoul was very limited hence a target for bootleggers; fake pairs of the shoes have already surfaced and here are quick ways to identify them.

The plastic tab on the fake pair sits slightly above the liner ( see green arrow). The elephant print on the authentic pair has wider cracks and is a bit bolder ( see yellow square).

You can clearly how the tab is below the liner on the authentic pair ( see green arrow). The yellow rectangle highlights the cut of the leather on the heel ( it appears more rounded and deeper on the legitimate pair). The red liner is not very thick on the fake pair ( see yellow arrow).

The back of the fake pair is a bit more slanted ( see yellow secant lines); and once again check the width of the cracks on the cement overlay ( narrow on the fake pair). The yellow arrow hows you the poor stitching and craftsmanship on the replica pair.

A better picture of the elephant print and the differences in the pattern between both pairs.

I’ve also added a yellow arrow on the fake pair that shows you how the midsole edges are uneven on the fakes.

A view at the back of the shoes gives you a better look at the differences in the height of the tab on the back ( see yellow rectangles). The “AIR” wording rests on the edge of the cement overlay on the real pair but there is a gap between the “TEXT’ and the overlay on the fakes. I’ve also added an oval circle to show you the infamous widow peaks on the fakes.

This is to just show you the production date on the fake label. Just stay away from anyone whose labels bear these characteristics

There you have it folks, I don’t have the shoes on hand so this is the best I could do. If you’re interested in purchasing authentic pairs, refer to the listings below.


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