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Fake Air Jordan 3 Free Throw Line Is Out- Beware Lest You Get Got

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I’m surprised bootleggers took this long to manufacture the Fake Air Jordan 3 Free Throw Line. They usually spit them out faster than Nike does. I’m not going to do a side by side comparison because I couldn’t really get reliable pictures off the net. I did notice a slight variation on the holes on located near the laces which you’ll see in the pic below. By the way both the fakes and the authentic pair are size 8.5.

As you can see from the picture above, the holes on the authentic pair have a steeper angle. The perforations on the fakes have a more obtuse angle. Moreover if you zero in on the bottom edge, you’ll notice that there are more holes on the real pair ( I counted four holes against three on the fakes).

Both shoes are the same size (8.5), so technically their features are supposed to be the same. On the real pair, there are more holes on the leather underlay. You can also see that the holes on the fakes are adjacent to the bottom edge; but on the real pair there is a gap ( see red arrow).

The gap between the edge of the plastic tab and the heel tab is bigger on the authentic pair ( see red arrow). There are more holes on the real pair than the fake one ( zero in on the rectangle).

I didn’t want to add the picture you see see above for fear of confusing people. What I noticed is that the pairs that were released in the US market bear the label you see above ( LN3). While the questionable pairs have the markings you see above (LNM). Does that mean that every pair with the LNM is fake? Absolutely not but it’s worth mentioning.

To make a good comparison , I must have good pictures. If anyone has an authentic pair, please send me pictures of the three angles you see above for a backdrop. I’ll be sure to mention you on the site.

There you have it folks.

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tayib salami

tayib salami

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