Fake Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Spotted- Quick Tips To Identify Them

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The  Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is the most anticipated shoe of this coming week end. It’s also one of the most replicated one so before you buy them from non retailer, be sure to check this quick comparison between an authentic and a fake pair. By the way, both pairs are size 8 so use this as a template to authenticate your own pair. Here is how to spot the Fake Air Jordan 3 Black Cement

The quarter panel liner is thicker on the authentic pair than it is on the Fake Air Jordan 3 Black Cement ( see yellow square). The tongue of the fake pair is crooked ( see yellow arrow).


The black  tab is shorter on the fake pair, you can clearly see that the black tab and the heel tab are overlapping on the authentic pair. On the fake pair, the black tab is short and there is a very noticeable gap between the edge of the tabs ( see yellow arrow and yellow vertical line).

The “AIR” logo is a bit thicker with more rounded edges on the authentic pair ( see yellow rectangle). The fake pair appears to have the infamous widow peaks on the back panel ( see yellow arrow pointing up).

The direction of the holes on panels is not the same between both pairs, the authentic pair holes are in a descending order while the fake ones are ascending. ( see yellow lines).

Once again check the direction of the holes between both pairs ( descending order on the real pair, ascending on the fakes).

The gap between the edge of the rugged grey area and the air unit is smaller on the authentic pair ( both are size 8). This shows me that the authentic pair probably has more air in it. ( see red arrow and red line)

The label is totally off on the fakes, the font of the letters and numbers are different between both labels. The name of the shoes is wrong on the fakes.

This is the inside label of the fake pair, stay away from any seller that has pair with the same markings.

There you have it folks, as soon as the fakes get upgraded, I’ll update the post. Stay tuned.


Air Jordan 3 Black Cement


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