The Fake Air Jordan 3 Air Max Atmos Pack Is Out And Is Near Impossible To Spot

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A few weeks ago, I was stunned when I came across a pair of fake Air max 1 Atmos. You can check out the comparison I did on them on the following link Quick ways to spot the Fake AM1 Atmos. Yesterday during one of my routine internet surf, I almost fell off my chair when I stumbled upon the Fake Air Jordan 3 Air Max Atmos Pack. I spent almost 2 hours trying to identify the differences on the shoes and was only able to spot three flaws. Maybe if I had the shoes on hands I would have found more nuances; this is how hard it has now become to detect fake shoes.

The space between the legs of Jumpman logo is wider on the authentic pair than it is on the fakes. The entire Jumpman logo is thicker on the real pair, and is of a darker grey color; check out the yellow arrows I added which point out the specific areas where the Jumpmen differ.I also noticed that the lining around the tongue is of a darker orange on the real pair than it is on the fakes ( I could be wrong but both pictures were taken outside so I think it’s something worth mentioning).

The outsole of the fake pair is much clearer.

The box label isn’t very legible on the fake Fake Air Jordan 3 Air Max Atmos pair; the font of the letters and numbers is not the same on both pairs.

Now these are the only differences I could spot, so what I’ll do now is add more pictures of the fakes and you are more than welcome to leave a comment below if you spot any other flaws.

This is by far the hardest comparison I have ever done. Even the packaging looks good

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tayib salami