Fake Air Jordan 17 Solefly Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify It

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Bootleggers keep stretching their limits by taking on more challenging sneakers. Yesterday I came across a fake pair of the Air Jordan 17 solefly and it took me close to an hour to come up with the flaws you’ll see in the slides below.

The jumpman on the midsole of the real pair is very subtle ( see yellow squares). The  ventilation holes on the panels highlighted by the red square are much bigger on the authentic pair. If you zero in on the area near the heel liner hihglighted by the yellow square, you’ll notice that the leather material features several vivid round spots on the fake pair ( the authentic pair also has the round spots but they blend in the leather/ more subtle).

This is a much bigger picture to show you the contrast between both jumpmen on the midsole. I also added a red arrow to show you how much subtle the round spots are on the authentic pair.

The poor stitching on the fake pair is highlighted by the red rectangle, you can clearly see the differences.

The heel liner appears to be covered in little dots on the authentic pair; if you look closely at the fake pair, it appears to be covered in secant lines. I also noticed that the jumpmen didn’t look the same.

The threads at the bottom are very dissimilar if you look closely; both pictures were taken outdoor and you can clearly see that the fake pair features a darker yellow than the real pair.

There you have it folks, I’ll update the slides if I happen to come across more nuances. If you are interested in buying authentic pairs, refer to the listings below from our featured sellers,


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