Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Low Chutney-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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The Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney originally released in 1998; I still have an Og pair in stock now ( pretty used though) that I’m currently selling on Kixify. They will be retroed again this Saturday June 10th; replica pairs have been out now for months and here are quick tips to identify them.

Here is how to spot and identify the Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Low Chutney

If you look at the circle on the panels, they are deeper on the authentic pair and very shallow on the Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Low Chutney ( see red circle). Also look at the stitching on the panel overlays ( red rectangle), you can see the threads on the authentic pair which are nowehre to be seen on the replicas.

If you look at the red arrows, they show that both authentic pairs feature double stitching at the edges, while the fake pair only shows single stitching in the same area.

The back tab is too bumpy and more elevated on the fake pair than it is on the real pair ( see red arrow pointing down); and the Jumpman isn’t properly positioned on the fakes, it looks slanted ( see horizontal red arrow).

The shape of the back tab isn’t the same on either pairs ( see red square); the spacing on the lateral overlay is also off on the fakes ( there is a 3 inch gap between its edge and the midsole). On the authentic pair the lateral overlay is almost adjacent to the midsole ( see red arrow pointing up). And the outsole of the fake has a gum like shade ; but on the authentic pair, the color of the outsole is consistent with the panel overlays color.

Here is where to get authentic pairs:

Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney


Style#310810 022, $175, June 10

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