Fake Air Jordan 13 Cherry Spotted-Quick Tips To Avoid Them

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Prevention is always better than damage control; you already know the Fake Air Jordan 13 Cherry was already on the market. The shoes are Chicago Bulls inspired and come in the team’s white and red uniform colors; they feature a tumbled leather upper with hairy suede details near the midsole and heel. Below is a my side by side comparison; as always this is not an exhaustive comparison and use this only as a guideline; you guys are welcome to add any additional details I may have missed.

The tongue of the fake pair is relatively short ( see the red arrow); I don’t want to mislead you because I’ve seen authentic pairs with tongues that appear short so take this with a grain of salt. The biggest flaw to take out of this first picture is the inclination of the heel counter ( vertical on the fake pair see yellow arrow, and a steep angle on the authentic pair). And if you look at the holes on the panels, they are deeper on the authentic pair and very shallow on the fakes.



This is a closer look at the holes on the side panels; first the spacing of the holes is not the same and they are very shallow on the fake pair.

The liner on the back ( see yellow rectangle) has a lower cut on the replica pair; and the shapes do not look the same. The lining on the medial side( see yellow line) has a very steep elevation on the fake pair in comparison to a flatter inclination on the authentic one.

Look at the spacing between the throatline “jordan” tab and the perforations- there is literally no space between the tab and the holes on the fake pair ( I added  the yellow arrow to show you the gap on the authentic pair).

The label is a little blurry on the fake pair and the font of the letters/numbers is definitely not the same ( see yellow circle and rectangle).

The inside tag is glossy on the authentic pair and the production of the shoes did not end on the same date ( not that it matters that much but I just wanted to mention it).

Here are more pictures of the fake Air Jordan 13 Cherry for your convenience.

see how shallow the circles are?

Where can you find authentic pairs of the Cherry 13?

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