The Fake Air Jordan 13 14 DMP Finals Pack Is Out- Quick Tips To Identify Them

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The Air Jordan 13 14 DMP will officially release on June 14; the pack will include a pair of the Jordan 13 retro in white with gold highlights, and a pair of Jordan 14 Retroin black and gold to commemorate MJ and the bulls final NBA championship. The fake pairs have been out for months now; now that the retail pairs are available I was able to spot some differences in order to help you make safer purchases online.

I’ll start of with the 13’s; if you look at the color of midsole, on the authentic pair, it appears to be metallic gold, but the authentic is more like a bronze/copper color ( and the paint job is very sloppy).

The circles have no depth on the fake pairs; what I mean by that is if you pay attention to the area around the circles, it appears sunk on the authentic pair and shallow on the fakes.

The placement of the holes is always a problem with the fakes ,especially on the retro 13. The first set of holes is very close to the throat line tab on the replicas.

The material on the back is shiny/glossy on the authentic pair and dull on the fakes.And the shape of the tabs are unalike ( round and more like a parabola on the fakes).

Now let’s take a look at the differences on the Retro 14.

The fabric on the back tab is wider on the Fake Air Jordan 13 14 DMP , and the entire back panel is different ( the fakes feature a very cheap material, that is glossy).

The midsole EVA inserts do not have the same color on either pairs ( the fakes are light grey and blue while the real ones are dark grey and blue

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