Fake Air Jordan 12 XII Doernbecher Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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The Fake Air Jordan 12 XII Doernbecher is already out, and I’ve spotted an eBay seller with them. He only has one feedback so it won’t be hard for anyone to figure out who he/she is. Here are quick ways to identify the replicas. By the way I’m using the official pictures released by Nike so make sure you do your homework, this is just to put you on the right track.

Some may argue that the difference in the colors is due to the lighting but i don’t think so. You can clearly see that pink shade on the authentic pair is vibrant/bold; but the pink on the fake pair is dull.( look at the eyelets and the midfoot tab ). Zero in on the midsole, you can clearly see that pattern is different between both pairs ( color, shapes).


This slide gives you a better look at the plastic tab and the metal eyelets; if you pay attention to the tab it extends further down on the authentic pair ( see yellow arrow). And also notice the gap between the “J”  and the edge of the tab ( wider space on the authentic pair). And the colors are definitely not the same; the eyelets has extra ridges on the authentic pair.

The medial side shows you much more nuances between both pairs; the Fake Air Jordan 12 XII Doernbecher pair seems to have a purple midsole. Also pay attention to the end of the tab ( see yellow arrow pointing down). And the craftsmanship is terrible on the fake pair ( look at the family wording).

The spacing between the edge of the midsole and the tab is smaller on the fake pair; the color/pattern of the midsole on the fake is completely off.

Now this part is a bit tricky, i’m not sure whether the pairs that will release later will have the “Pizza” pin on them so take this with a grain of salt. I just thought it was important to point it out as well.

The dog and the green symbol are blurry on the fake pair and if you look at the yellow arrow, it clearly shows that the green symbol is adjacent to the edge of the border line on the replica pair. There are many more details you can spot yourself. I don’t have a picture of the box so I’ll be adding more details later.


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