Fake Air Jordan 12 Michigan Spotted-Quick Ways To Spot It

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I shared a post a few days ago concerning the new batch fakes bootleggers are introducing in the market, the ones that bear the StockX authentication card, see link below

eBay Is Already Polluted With The Fake Air Jordan 4 Travis Scott-Quick Way To Bust Them

Well the fake air jrodan 12 michigan you see in the comparison below is one of those. It’s getting harder and harder to identify fakes and I’m afraid in a couple of years unless brands come up with a new technology to separate their shoes from the grey market pairs, it’ll be impossible to tell a fake from a real pair. Anyway for today’s comparison both shoes ( authentic and  fake ) are size 8.5.

The yellow plastic tab extends further down on the authentic pair, but it’s adjacent to the midsole on the fakes.

Here is another picture I obtained from a different pair to make sure I wasn’t off with my observation.

Look at the placement of the first lace hole on the quarter panel, it is located right below the bent of the liner  on the authentic pair. But the hole on the fake pair is about an inch away from the bent.

Here is another picture to support my observation above

The two pairs on the right and left are authentic and if you look closely at them, you’ll see that they have an inclination ( see red secant lines). But the fake pair has literally no inclination ( flat angle, see red line). Moreover the tab of the fake pair extends about an inch and a half higher than the tabs of the real pairs.

The production dates are different, that doesn’t mean much but more important is the difference in the UPC code. The authentic pair reads 887231276585 but the fake upc reads 887231276594. Also the font of the letters and numbers are different between both labels.

There you have it folks, like I said , this comparison is for a size 8.5 so use the same method to cross check for any other size.


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