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Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff Spotted- I Got Defeated On This One

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Scheduled to release on February 25, the Jordan 12 playoff features a tumbled leather upper with a white mudguard overlay on the lateral side. I spotted a replica pair and was excited to do a comparison again, but I took an “L” on this one. I tried my best to find all types of flaws but because I don’t have the shoes on hands, they are extremely hard to detect. I did find one flaw but most people won’t care much about it because it’s really not that relevant. I’ve had several people on youtube tell me they would gladly buy “reps” as they call them.

Here is a screenshot of some of the conversations that take place on my Real Vs Fake Videos on YT

What are the flaws on the Fake Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff?

A Closer look at the bumps on the mudguard

I don’t know if this is a lighting issue but the silver eyelets on the authentic pair is shiny but the fake pair has a more dull tone. Also if you look at the bumps on the mudguard, the pattern and shapes differ ( the bumps seem to be spaced out and oval on the legitimate pair, but hexagonal and cluttered on the fake one).

The only other difference that I spotted was the spacing between the tab and the midsole ( there is literally no gap between the tab and the midsole on the fake pair). You could also argue that the number “23” on the back appears to have a different font.

Those are the only flaws that I could see; however I’m going to add a few pictures of the fake pair below for your convenience. Once again use extreme caution when buying shoes from a non retailer.

Check out the inside label, make sure you stay away from any seller carrying shoes with the same characteristics

I don’t think the authentic pair will include a retro card, the other jordan 12 low didn’t include one so i assume the same here

I’ve also included a list of stores and ebay sellers with authentic pairs, check links and listings below

Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff

Style#308317 004

Black-White/Red $170, Feb 25

Where To Buy:





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