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The Fake Air Jordan 12 Fiba Is Out, Here Are Quick Tips To Identify It

Bootleggers have already released their own version of the upcoming Air Jordan 12 Fiba, and it comes loaded with StockX's authentication tags. Since I don't have an authentic pair on hand as a backdrop, I'll only point out key areas you need to zero in on to avoid being taken advantage of. The red squares are highlighting the leather material used on the fakes. It's supposed to be subtle but the excessive wrinkles indicated the roughness of its texture. The authentic pair are usually built with a softer leather material with subtle wrinkles. Let me show you a picture from one of my previous comparison to give you a better illustration. As I was searching for more pictures, I came across pictures of the legitimate pair of the Jordan 12 Fiba via Kicksonfire and I'll actually utilize them instead. If you own a pair of Jordan 12 that features tumbled leather, I'll invite you to feel the quarter panel area with your thumb and you'll understand my point here. It's supposed to b
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