Fake Air Jordan 12 Bordeaux Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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The Air jordan 12 bordeaux are set to drop officially this Saturday October 14th. I had seen the fake pairs a few weeks ago but I didn’t have actual pictures of the retail pair to do a comparison until a couple of hours ago. Here are some quick ways to bust the fakes; this isn’t an exhaustive list but quick pointers. I’m sure the fakes will get an upgrade once the replica factories spot the flaws listed on here. This is how to spot the Fake Air Jordan 12 Bordeaux.

You can easily see how the colors of the midsole and the plastic tab are different on both shoes; the fakes are dark purple and the authentic pair is burgundy and red ( see yellow rectangle).

The panel overlay is burgungdy/red on the authentic pair and purple on the fakes ( see yellow arrow).

The shoes were made after the city of Bordeaux in France known for its rich wine heritage. So the colorway was made to reflect the color of wine which is totally off on the fakes; they are purple ( see yellow arrow). Also zero in on the silver eyelets, the ridges do not look the same on both pairs ( the fakes seem to have additional ridges, see yellow square). The ankle liner is also dark purple on the fakes whole the authentic pair has a burgundy liner.

The gap between the end of the  tab and the jumpman logo is smaller on the authentic pair ( see yellow arrow pointing down). And the square containing the logo is also a bit longer on the authentic pair than it is on the fakes. And also notice the differences in the jumpman logo itself.

The midsole and the uppers appear to be of the same burgundy color on the authentic pair; but there is a clear contrast between the color of midsole of the fake pair and the uppers ( purple midsole). And the #23 is also purple on the fakes,

Not that it matters that much but it’s always good to see the production date of the fakes; I’ll invite you to stay away from any seller whose shoes production date match up with what you see in the picture above.

There you have it guys, for those looking for authentic pairs, refer to the link below.

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