Fake Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 Spotted-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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The Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 will make its official debut in exactly 5 days from today. I wrote several posts a few days ago alluding to the fact that Jordan Brand has produced several pairs of the model, and that folks shouldn’t be worried about securing a pair.  Yesterday I received a call from DTLR telling me that I had won a raffle for a size 12, which happens to be a hard size to find- this just confirms my earlier assertion about the shoes being mass produced. But today I want to quickly show you ways to avoid the fake pairs that are already circulating. I’ll update the post on Saturday once I pick up my own pair. Before I start I want to clarify the fact that every nuance that I point out is from my own observation ( so do your own homework as well). I don’t have the shoes on hand yet and these are just preventive methods. Some will say that better fakes are already out, to you guys I say send me pictures of them so i can update the post. Hopefully these tips can help you bust the fake Air Jordan 11 win like 96

I debated whether to add this as something significant or not; to be honest with you, I don’t really think this matters that much because I believe with the amount of pairs that have been produced, there is bound to be subtle differences like this. If you look at the jumpman logo the distance between the patent leather edge and the foot of the logo is shorter on the authentic pair. The hands of jumpman is also different between both pairs.

The patent leather is cut lower on the replica pair ( see yellow lines).

I know some folks will try to criticize me on my earlier observation so I went ahead and found extra pictures to back up the observations. You can clearly see that the cut on the patent leather is lower on the fake pairs.


Packaging is not to be neglected, on the picture above you’ll obviously see that the insert of the authentic pair is wrapped with a white paper while the inserts of the fake pairs are not. By the way, one of the insert isn’t even black but grey. I’m sure they’ll fix this issue quick once they realize it.

The font of the letters & numbers is bold on the fake pair.

Since I don’t have the shoes on hand yet, I’ve added more pictures of the fake pairs for your convenience. So avoid any seller carrying anything similar to the pics below.


Avoid any seller with a production date similar to the one in the picture

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