Fake Air Jordan 1 Wings AA2887-035- Quick Ways To Spot Them

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The Air Jordan 1 wings released in limited numbers, I believe only 19400 pairs were produced in total. Shoes like this are a good target for replica factories; however they screwed up big time on the fakes, even a kindergartner can easily spot them. I really wasn’t going to do a comparison but one thing I have learned over the years is- never assume that people are supposed to be aware of certain things. With that in mind, here is the comparison

Everything on this picture is so obvious; the uppers are made up of a rub off leather material which turns into metallic gold; but you can still see traces of black all over it. On the fakes, the shoes barely show any black, and the leather texture looks cheap on the replicas. The panel wings logo is misplaced and the outsole is of a lighter blue shade on the fakes as well.

The metallic wing on the back is gold and shiny on the authentic pair, and is also adjacent to the top and bottom stitching; on the fakes the wing is of a dull gold color , and there is a gap between the edge of the bottom of the wing and stitching

You can clearly see that the gold and black wings’s feathers are very visible on the authentic pair ( even though the outsole is darker). But on the fakes, you do see the wings’s feathers but near the sides they don’t show, see yellow arrows.


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