Fake Air Jordan 1 Track Red 6 Rings Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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I ‘m not surprised that the replica industry chose to only make fake pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Track Red 6 Rings. The shoes look just like the Bred Toe 1 so go figure. The shoes used in this comparison are both size 9’s. Here is how to spot the Fake Air Jordan 1 Track Red

The shape of the back is always off on the fakes ( not very curvy see blue arrow). Zero in on the heel panel stitching and you’ll see the differences ( see green box). The yellow arrow shows how the edges of the authentic pair are more rounded in comparison to the edges of the fakes which are really sharp.

This is just to highlight the irregularity in the stitching between both pairs.

The material used on the authentic pair is of better quality and grainy; but the one on the Fake Air Jordan 1 Track Red looks cheap ( similar to microfiber). Look at the red arrow ( it shows you deeper the cut is on the  forefoot overlay is on the authentic pair).

The number 9’s between both labels do not have the same font ( you can clearly see that).

So far these are the only differences I’ve seen, i’ll be updating this post as time progresses. Stay tuned.


Air Jordan 1 6 Rings Track Red

style#555088-112, $160

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