Fake Air Jordan 1 Solefly Miami Art Basel Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify It

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Fake pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Solefly Miami Art Basel are out; it shouldn’t be a surprise since the model was very limited. Here are quick ways to identify the fakes.

The heel straps and panels are supposed to be bright orange; you can clearly see that they are red on the replica pair ( see yellow square). The heel liner isn’t thick on the replicas ( see yellow arrow)

In the picture above, the replica pair has the right coloration but it appears flat and not buttery/shiny. You can clearly spot the contrast between both pairs.

The yellow lines are supposed to point out the differences that occur at the edges between both pairs, I won’t add any other comment ( just look at the direction of the lines and you’ll see the nuances).

I’m assuming that each authentic pair will feature the ( 999999999) on the inside label. The fake pair features different digits.

The green color on the tongue tab isn’t the same and if you also zero in on the letters ” M” and “A” they don’t have the same shape and inclination.

No comments here, the nuances are obvious ( color and shape of the 3) and length of the tab ( more extended on the replica pair).

You can spot the differences between the color of the map on both sockliners ( the map is orange on the real pair and red on the fakes).

Wrong box. There you have it folks, I haven’t seen many authentic pairs and the shoes can be fetched on eBay now for as high as $2000, see listings below


tayib salami
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