Fake Air Jordan 1 Royal Satin Spotted- Quick Tips To Avoid It

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The Jordan 1 Royal Satin released as a quick strike and in very limited numbers. Only 701 pairs were made worldwide, so I wasn’t surprised when I came across the fake pairs a week ago. Here is a quick comparison between the real and the fake air Jordan 1 royal satin for your convenience.

The Jordan wings logo is not properly centered on the fake Fake Air Jordan 1 Royal Satin; you can clearly see that the top part of the logo is almost adjacent to the stitching on the collar. In addition to that, the logo appears a bit small and too contracted.

The cut on the heel panel is very sharp on the authentic pair in; also when you look at the double stitching on the heel panel there is a thick borderline in between them on the authentic pair; you don’t see that line on the fakes.

The pattern inside the figure on the heel section of the outsole is totally off on the fake pairs ( you see secant lines on the fakes but a labyrinth like pattern on the authentic pair).

The pattern around the Nike swoosh logo features small secant lines on the fakes but a labyrinth like graphic on the authentic pair.

The back panel on the real pair features a blue squared tab while the fake pair has a black one. I would also mention that the colors are slightly different ( the real pair has a darker blue shade).

The labels of the fake pair are totally off, see yellow rectangles for details.

Again, this isn’t an exhaustive list, I’m sure better fakes will be made soon, stay tuned for further updates. More authentication posts are available via our Legit Check page.

Where to Buy Authentic pairs? 

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tayib salami