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Fake Air Jordan 1 OG Shadow Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify It

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The Fake Air Jordan 1 OG Shadow  has been on the market for a while and I finally got the opportunity to do a comparison for you. These are just quick tips that I deem can help you, I don’t claim to know it all so be sure to do your own homework.

You can clearly see that the wings logo is fading on the fakes. The ball on the authentic pair has a thin black layer above it. The TM is barely legible on the fake pair. the entire logo was poorly printed.
Once again the logo is more glossy and bold on the authentic pair. The leather materials on the quarter panel and strap is rough and wrinkly on the fakes. If you look at the yellow arrow pointing down , you can see how smooth less the edge of the leather material is on the fakes ( an indication of poor craftsmanship)
The back panel is smooth on the authentic pair ( i’m referring to the texture of the material). The fake pair has a very rough and creased material. And once again the edges of the of the leather material are uneven on the fakes ( see yellow arrow).
I came across two different pairs of fakes and you can see how the leather on the quarter panel is harsh. The real pair features a softer leather material. Be sure to also look at the edges ( yellow arrow pointing down)
Very wrinkly swoosh logo on fakes.


The thin black layer hovering over the ball is missing on the fakes ( see yellow square). The TM logo once again is fading on the replicas
The extra set of laces is missing on the fakes, but i’m sure they can fix that problem easily. I also added both yellow arrows to emphasize the difference the leather materials between both pairs ( smoother on real pair).
If you come across a seller that has a pair with an inside label similar to the one you see in the picture above, stay away from it.

There you have it folks, if I’ll be updating the pictures if I come across a new batch of replicas.




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