Fake Air Jordan 1 Kawhi Leonard Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify it

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I just came across the Fake Air Jordan 1 Kawhi Leonard and I’m actually surprised that it took bootleggers this long to make the replicas. Here are quick ways to spot them ( remember to do your own homework, this isn’t an exhaustive list). I only report what my eyes see; I just want you to be mindful of that.

The heel liner is not fully extended on the fake pair ( see yellow rectangle). The bottom stitching on the quarter panel goes beyond the edge of the swoosh logo ( see yellow circle). The spacing between the Wings logo and the edge of the heel strap is very small on the fakes.


Kawhi’s accolades are almost adjacent to the midsole on the fakes ( see yellow circle). I also want to stress the fact that the replica pair’s shape is similar to that of a Jordan 1 Mid instead of an actual pair of Jordan 1 High. Poor craftsmanship on the fakes ( see yellow arrow, the  cut of the leather is uneven).

Poor stitching and craftsmanship on the fake pair ( see yellow rectangles). The perforations on the toe box are completely off on the fakes ( see red arrow).

Do I even need to tell you how cheap the gold MVP trophy looks on the replica pair?

The fake label has the wrong suggested retail price, refer to the yellow rectangle. These are the differences that I spotted, I’m sure there are much more but these would suffice. The fakes will probably be upgraded soon so I’ll keep my eye on that and update the post accordingly.

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