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Fake Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify It

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I’m definitely glad that I was able to pick up a pair of the Jordan 1 H2H. One of the things that separates this shoe from any other Jordan 1 retros is the quality of the leather used on the uppers. You almost have to have the shoes on hands to really feel the texture of the leather used on it. The Fake Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home is out and here are quick ways to spot it.

Bootleggers have yet to figure out how to correctly mimic the shape of the authentic Jordan 1 retro. You can clearly see from the picture above that the back of the fake pair is completely off ( almost vertical with a lack of curvature). Even the heel liner is not quite oblique on the fake pair.

The picture above puts more emphasis on the awful shape of the back of the replica pair. The fakes almost look like a pair of the Nike Dunk High. I added the two yellow squares to show you how the leather material is of a better quality on the authentic pair ( like I said earlier unless you have the shoes on hands , this is hard to see).

The green line just shows you more differences between the shape of both pairs and the yellow squares are there to show you the contrast in the texture of the leather used.

This the best picture that can show you how much of a better quality the leather is on the authentic pair. The tumbled leather is of a softer material and it almost feels as if it drips with oil when you put your fingers on the it. The leather on the fakes appear rough and rigid.

The authentic pair has that bottle like shape and the top half opens up like a vase. But the fake pair is literally shapeless

I won’t comment on the box label , you can clearly see the differences yourself ( font, color, boldness of the print,…). And let me add that oftentimes the label on the fake pair is pale-white while the one on the authentic pair is off-white.

There you have it folks, I’ll be updating the post if a new batch of fakes appears.


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