The Fake Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3 Complexcon Is Out, DON’T GET GOT

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The Complexcon event geared toward  bringing together pop culture, art, food,style, sports, music, and more took place last week and was epic. During the event, a pair of Jordan retro, the Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3 aka Complexcon was officially unveiled and became an internet sensation. Yesterday during one of my Sherlock Holmes odyssey, I came across a fake pair of the Complexcon AJ1; I was really surprised on how fast these were manufactured considering the fact that the shoes only made public news a week ago. This shows you how prolific the replica industry is. Anyway I don’t have neither the authentic nor the fake pair on hand so all I could rely on were pictures I fetched from reputable sellers on eBay to compare it to the fake pair.

The most obvious difference to the naked eye is the difference in the shade of the gold between both pairs. The authentic pair features an empire gold shade on the quarter panel while the fake pair features a gallery gold shade( see arrow on the heel panel and strap). Another thing I spotted was the spacing between the heel liner and the edge of the panel strap ( see arrow pointing down); the spacing is slightly bigger on the authentic pair. Also check out the thickness of the heel liner ( thicker on the authentic pair, see the subtle vertical line). Zero in on the two yellow parallel lines; you can see how the cut on both shoes is different ( deeper on the authentic pair and shallow on the fake).

Once again, look at the differences in the gold color ( I’ve already pointed it out on the first slide). I’ll also add the fact that the authentic pair is more shiny while the Fake Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3 Complexcon pair appears dull. The little yellow square will also show you how the stitching on that area isn’t the same between both pairs.

The jordan wings logo has a bolder font and the shape of the ball and the angel wings are totally dissimilar between both pairs.

once again, the outsoles do not have the same shade of gold ( the authentic pair is empire gold while the fake pair is gallery gold).

These are the major differences I spotted; however I’ll add additional pictures of the fakes for your convenience.

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tayib salami