Fake Air Jordan 1 Gold Toe Spotted-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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I finally got a chance to do this comparison earlier this morning. Thanks to Khadijah from MidwestSNS for sending me pictures of the authentic pair. By the way the size of both the real and the fake pairs is 8.5.

One of the first thing you have to look at when it come to the Jordan 1 is the height. The fake pair is a bit shorter than the real one. The fake pair is also not very curvy, see red arrow. If you look at the bottom of both shoes, the fake appears more elevated at the heel ( see red circle/arrow). The red square on the panel zeroes in on the stitching ( you’ll notice the difference if you look close enough).

The outsole of the authentic pair features a star like pattern for excellent traction while the fake has round bumps. The picture is a little blurry but you’ll notice the difference once you look close enough.

The wings logo appears to be a little 3D on the authentic pair and very flat on the fakes. Also check the gap between the logo and the stitching ( bigger gap on the fakes).

Once again check the shape of both shoes, I’ve added the red lines for your convenience. And the red rectangles just show you how elevated the fake pairs are at the heel.

Spacing is always an issue with fakes; the gap between the tab and heel overlay is smaller on the fake ( see red line). The fake air jordan 1 gold toe  has the infamous widow peaks ( see red square) an indicator of poor craftsmanship

The production dates on the inside label are not the same ( they aren’t even close). The style# is wrong ( see yellow line) and the UPC code is also wrong.

The Nike logo on the sockliner is wrinkled up on the fakes.

Well, there you have it folk, be sure to visit Khadijah’s IG page MIDWESTSNS , they have authentic pairs on deck now.

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