Fake Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Lime- Quick Ways To Identify Them

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The Gatorade collection definitely exceeded my expectations, especially the Jordan 1’s. I thought for sure they were going to collect dust on retailers’s shelves but I was absolutely wrong. And I think bootleggers also shared my initial opinions until they saw how well the shoes were doing on marketplaces like eBay or StockX. The reason why i’m saying that is because I didn’t see any Fake air Jordan 1 Gatorade until the shoes were released. Logical reasoning says they must’ve realized that these shoes were worth replicating. Today I came across a fake pair of the Gatorade 1 lime, which is the most limited pair out of the entire pack. The comparison was a bit hard because I didn’t have the shoes on hand; but it’s also very difficult to do because fakes have gotten so much better. With the replica Gatorade 1 lime, spacing, logo placement, holes and their placement weren’t a problem ( basically what i’m saying is they got those right). The major issue was the material used; if you look at all the pictures below, one thing is obvious- on the authentic pair, the texture of the tumble leather is subtle, not very rough and is softer. On the fakes, the texture appears rugged with many wrinkles ( and the wrinkles aren’t subtle). So as you look at the pictures, zero in on the appearance ( texture) of the highlighted areas.

By the way the authentic pair is size 8.5 while the fake pair is a size 8, so use this with discretion and do your own homework. Here is how to spot the Fake Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Lime.

The stitching is pretty much adjacent to the swoosh logo on the upper part, but look at the stitching on the same area on the fakes ( notice the space/gap)
heel panel ( leather material is softer on the real pair), on the fakes it’s really rough
right pair, same observation as the slide above
Like I said, this will be very repetitive, the leather material is soft and the wrinkles are subtle on the authentic pair
the logo is a bit more tilted on the Fake Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Lime, and once again look at the texture of the leather material
More apparent wrinkles on the fakes, different materials used

There you have it folks, If I find any other nuances, I’ll update the post, stay tuned.

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