Fake Air Jordan 1 Court Purple Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify It

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We shouldn’t be surprised at the sight of the Fake Air Jordan 1 Court Purple. This was bound to happen especially with the current resale value of the shoes, bootleggers are going to feast on them. I was able to get a size 10 of the shoe and I used it as a backdrop for the comparison, I also leaned on a couple of pictures I obtained from legitimate eBay sellers to confirm my findings. The fake pair in the pictures below are a size 8 ( be mindful of that).

The authentic pair has a bottle like shape and the top half opens up like a vase while  the fake pair is literally shapeless, that’s a common problem with replica pairs of the Jordan 1’s  ( bootleggers can never get the shape right). You can also see the slight differences between the color shade ( darker purple on the real pair) but I don’t like stressing that out too much because the lighting might be a factor.

The wings logo is a bit shinier and glossy on the real pair.

The lettering on the inside label between both pairs is totally different ( you can see the poor stitching on the fake pair, the words aren’t very legible).

The “nike air logo” on the sockliner of the fake pair will peel off upon wearing the shoe, the ink used to print the logo is of low quality. You can clearly see how permanent it looks on the authentic pair.
I tried my best to give you a better look at the pattern around the nike logo on the outsole. On the fake pair, you’ll see a wave like pattern while the authentic pair features hieroglyphic like shapes.

The arrow pointing down shows you how deeper the cut  is on the authentic pair ( both shoes in the picture above are size 8). The placement of the holes is also off on the fakes ( see horizontal arrow).

The fake label has the wrong color code ( see yellow square) and both authentic pairs have labels that are off-white while the fake label is snow white. You can also see how the font of the letters and numbers between the labels are totally different.There you have  it folks, I’ll be updating the post if a new batch of fakes appears.



OR refer to the legitimate eBay sellers  in the listings below

tayib salami