Fake Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas With Forged StockX Tag: Good News And Bad News

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I still think the Adidas Yeezy powerphase is a gimmick; they literally are a replica of the Reebok workout with some slight modifications. But this isn’t the topic at hand today; during one of my routine scouting, I came across several fake pairs of the calabasas, but this time with a little twist-they were all slapped with the StockX authenticity card. Now this screams good news and bad news at the same time; good news because it means stockX as a company is gaining a lot of grounds globally. Now the bad news is that they will have this as a thorny issue to deal with for as long as the company is alive- they will have to find a way to teach their audience/visitors how to tell a legitimate stockX authenticity card from a fake one. And we all know how the replica industry is: as long as there is profit to be made, they will find a way to create IMPROVED replicas. When I saw the shoes with the StockX card, my initial thoughts were: how did they get ahold of it? How did they know about StockX? and Who could probably be behind this scheme?

I believe resellers are behind it all; if you are on Instagram, Youtube, facebook, etcc, you will see a lot of illegitimate sellers posting pictures of fakes and asking for feedback- What can we do to make them better? What do you guys think about these shoes? These are some of the sample questions they ask and the consumer ( resellers) feed them all the information they need to improve the shoes; so I ‘m 99.7% confident that someone ( probably a Reseller) must have told them to vest the Yeezy powerphase with the stockX card to facilitate sales- unsuspecting customers will likely not question the legitimacy of the shoes when they see the stockX authenticity card. This is my own take on the subject, I could be totally wrong but here are some tips to identify the fakes.

The very first thing you want to look at is the inclination of the back tab; the tab is steeper on the authentic ( it’s almost vertical) than it is on both fakes. The horizontal lines on the midsole ( see yellow arrow pointing down and rectangle) are vivid on the authentic pair but broken and almost unnoticeable on the fakes. The bumps on the midsole are also clear and visible on the real pair but too subtle on the fakes ( see yellow horizontal arrow).

The picture above gives you a better look at the nuances on the midsole; the lines and the bumps are very clear on the authentic pair but too dim on the fakes. and if you at the grooves on the outsole, they are wider on the authentic pair.

Once again, look at the grooves on the outsole, they are clearer and wider on the authentic pair and very thinned out on the fakes. The Adidas logo is slightly misplaced on the fakes ( a little too adjacent to the edge of the midsole near the bottom). And the “R” is illegible on both fakes.

Out of the two versions of fakes that I came across, the one you see in the picture above had more flaws i.e. missing holes on the toe box.

The adidas logo is once again not properly aligned on the fakes ( slightly slanted near the end). And if you look at the oval circle, you’ll notice that the gap in the grooves on the outsole is wider on the authentic pair and very shallow on the fakes.

The authentic box is royal blue while the fake box is sky blue ( lighter blue); the font of the letters is bold on the fakes. These are the main differences I noticed, here are a couple of pictures with the stockX card.

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