Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red CP9652 Spotted- Quick Tips To Avoid Them

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It was a little hard to find official pictures of the Black and red Yeezy 350 V2; as you already know the Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red CP9652 is on the market. I believe in prevention rather than damage control, but too often people believe fairy tales of so called “Sneaker connects” who sooner than later get exposed for the kind of products they really carry: good old fakes from Putian made available on Dhgate or taobao.

I always start these comparisons with the same question; take about 3 to 5mn and look at the picture above. Are you able to tell the authentic pair from the fake one?

This never fails, the fake pairs tend to always have flimsy and very short tongues. Check the picture above: the real pair has a very sturdy tongue while the fake pair has a shorter tongue that appears tacky and deformed. Moreover the lining around the ankle looks totally different ( check the yellow rectangle).

The heel tab on the fake pair has a steeper angle while the tab on the authentic pair has more of an obtuse angle ( flatter, and if you close enough the tab actually extends a little bit further on the authentic pair). The yellow circle also shows you how the back is steeper and sturdy on the real pair and much shorter on the fakes and uneven.

The red arrows shows you how the midsole on the real pair has foggy shade ( but you can see the white boost technology through it). On the other hand, the fake pair has a very dark shade ( and the white boost tech is barely noticeable).

You can see how different the color tone is on the outsole; moreover the fake pair seems to have a wider base; if you look at the red line , it looks as if the toe box is literally flat on the fake pair. And i added the yellow circle to show you how basically nonexistent the tongue is on the fake pair ( you can barely see the tongue of the fake pair).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the authentic box , hence the only thing I can do is show you images of the fake box.

Fake box and label; the things to check here are usually the upc code and the font of the letters/numbers and the box color. As soon as official pictures of the authentic box pop up make sure to do a side by side comparison for your convenience

Here are additional pictures of the fakes

I’m sure some of you may want to know where to get authentic pairs so here is a list of sellers with legitimate pairs:

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