Fake Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint 2.0 Spotted-Quick Ways To Identify Them

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This is by far one of the hardest if not the hardest comparison I’ve ever had to do. I want to specifically thank Khadijah for sending me pictures of the authentic pair of  the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint 2.0 in the the size 8.5. Adidas has to do better with the Yeezy’s. The shoe  has a weird structure and no two pairs are really alike so doing a comparison between a fake and a real pair is a very tedious task. It leads me to say if that’s the case who the heck cares about buying an authentic pair if the fake is darn near identical to it. I hope you can feel my frustration as you read this post. Both pairs in the pictures below are size 8.5 so be mindful of that fact as you authenticate your own pair.

Both shoes are the same size, yet the spacing between the tab and the “S” is smaller on the authentic pair. Also check out the inclination of the entire tab ( a bit steeper on the authentic pair). And if you zero in on the yellow arrow pointing up, you’ll notice that the tab pretty much sits on the line on the real pair but it’s adjacent to the tab on the fake one.

I debated whether to add the picture or not;  I might be wrong on this but it seems to me that the forefoot area isn’t the same between both pairs. On the fake pair, the shoe appears more elevated, maybe it has something to do with the angle at which the pictures were taken but I’m 99% confident that it’s more elevated on the  fake Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tintpair.

I added this picture for the purpose of confirming my observation, I might still be wrong but it’s worth mentioning.

This is a picture of the inside label, the references on the bottom of the tags aren’t the same. Now this can be a bit tricky, Yeezy sneakers dropped in another country may have different references on the inside label so be aware of that. If anyone tells you that their shoes were purchased from USA retailers then the inside tag should be similar to the authentic pair label.

Again this is how a size8.5 purchased from US retailers should look like. You can see that the Fake Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint box label is missing the “inside wording”. You can also see how the color references are different between both boxes.

The bar code and upc code numbers are not the same ( size 8.5 from US retailers).

The next pictures will illustrate my frustration to you- I couldn’t see any differences and I didn’t want to create nuances just for the sake of it. So I’ll invite you to leave a comment if you happen to spot any nuances.

Don’t mention the shade because the fake pictures were taken outdoor
I thought the “Yeezy” wording on the sockliner of the authentic pair was somewhat flat while the same wording on the fake pair was more bold ( that’s my observation).

Well, there you have it folks, again this was the hardest comparison I’ve ever done. Be sure to visit Khadijah’s IG page MIDWESTSNS , they have authentic pairs on deck now.

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