Check Out How Fake Adidas Boost Midsoles Are Engineered In The Black Market

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While doing my routine internet search, I came across a footage of a pirate factory showing off how they produce Fake adidas boost midsoles. People always ask me why I spend so much time talking about replica sneakers-  I am in the sneaker industry and i have to keep a vigilant eye on everything that is taking place in my target market, especially if it directly affects it negatively.  It used to be so easy to identify fake sneakers, but now things have drastically changed; the new line of replica sneakers  being made now are so close to the real deal that it takes almost the best detective eye to identify them. If you think this isn’t affecting the sneaker market, then you obviously haven’t been involved enough and maybe somewhere in your closet, you have a pile of fake shoes you are unaware of.

More people are buying replica shoes because they are cheaper, easy to get, built with better materials and even with OEM materials nowadays . Consequently the demand for these replicas have increased exponentially which in turn has resulted into the birth of additional pirate factories. Now there are different grades of replicas ranging from A+ to your typical flea market garbage. What I am focusing on today is the A+, the ones that are nearly identical to the authentic item . These A+ replicas are produced by higher level industries using costly high tech machines and materials; what they basically do is directly communicate with the consumers ( and the consumers play the role of the judge showing them areas that need to be improved on the shoe), they go back and fix it and are constantly looking for buyers’ feedback until they get it “RIGHT”: where the shoe looks identical to its authentic counterpart. 

Perfectkicks on Instagram is probably the leading factory today with over 32.5k followers, they pride themselves in making the best Replica shoes in the industry. They released a footage of their high tech factory producing  Fake Adidas Boost Midsoles and actually show you the end result as well, see videos below.

Fake boost midsole production part 1: Testing

Fake boost midsole production part 1: End Product

Now you see how scary this is? a multi -million dollar business in the making with sophisticated machines being used. I don’t know what type of consequences this will cause in the future , but I know that marketplaces like eBay and amazon have been negatively affected by it see The Holiday Sneaker Season will be the Wild Wild West because of this.

I would love to hear from you guys, what is your take on this?

tayib salami