eBay Is Already Polluted With The Fake Air Jordan 4 Travis Scott-Quick Way To Bust Them

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I’ve already spotted several replica pairs of Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 4 on eBay and here are quick ways to identify them. Here is how to identify the Fake Air Jordan 4 Travis Scott

The first thing I want to mention is the shape of the back of both sneakers; the fake appears more slanted than the authentic pair ( see yellow lines). Let’s also look at the edge of the leather adjacent to the plastic strap ( yellow rectangle, on the fakes the edge doesn’t really sit below the strap ). The heel liner of the real pair is thicker than the one on the fakes ( see yellow arrow).

The pictures above put an emphasis on the mesh materials on the toe box and the panels. You can clearly see the difference between both pairs ( no need for me to elaborate on that).

Clear differences between the jumpmen logos on the outside of the tongue; moreover the liner around the tongue of the fakes is thicker on the authentic pair. And let me also mention that the top of the tongue appears more rounded on the authentic pair and flat on the Fake Air Jordan 4 Travis Scott.

There is a gap between the screen of the air pocket and the edge of the midsole on the authentic pair ( see red line). On the fake pair, there little to no gap between the screen of the air unit and the midsole.

You can clearly see the differences yourself ( font, color, boldness of the print,…). And let me add that oftentimes the label on the fake pair is pale-white while the one on the authentic pair is off-white.

There are already tons of eBay sellers promoting and selling the fakes so beware. You can buy authentic pairs on StockX CLICK HERE

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