Don’t Get Got With These Fake Air Jordan 6 GS Still Blue Pantone

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The Fake Air Jordan 6 GS Still Blue Pantone have been out for months; I was waiting for the official pictures of the real pairs to do the comparison. Here it is:

There are two sets of fakes I spotted; with this first one you can see how vertical and curve less the heel counter is on the replicas. The placement of the holes on the heel panel pod/bag isn’t the same ( and the authentic pair has bigger holes). The air chamber is gradient blue on the fakes and transparent on the real pair. The authentic pair features full grain/tumbled leather while the fakes feature a soft leather upper. The fake pair has a black lacelock while the real pair has a blue one.

On this Fake Air Jordan 6 GS Still Blue Pantone pair, the replica factories used the right tumbled leather but the placement of the holes on the heel and side panel is off. The heel counter is also vertical with no curves.

The Jordan jumpmen aren’t the same and the material on the heel collar is also different: the fake pair has lines in it and the authentic features a chenille like material with no lines.

If you happen to come across a seller with shoes that have this production date, I’ll strongly urge you not to follow through with the purchase.


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tayib salami