Don’t Get Got: The Fake Air Jordan 1 Royal Is Already On The Market

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Ever since the “Bred 1” made a comeback in 2016, many sneaker enthusiasts have been impatiently waiting for a reissue of the “Royal 1”. And the news finally came a few days ago when JB announced the official release date of the shoes. The most replicated Jordan retros are the “I & XI” model; I wasn’t surprised when I spotted the Fake Air Jordan 1 Royal on the net. I’ve added a few pictures below with pointers to help you avoid any swindlers selling these as legitimate pairs.

The shoes have no curves, the authentic pairs are supposed to have a bottle-like shape. Look at the picture below of the 2013 royal 1.


You can clearly see the curves on the authentic pair from 2013; JB rarely makes changes to the shape of the shoes so I don’t think the 2017 pair will be any different than the 2013 edition.

The overall shape of the shoes is off ( they are too bulky near the heel panel, see yellow circle).


The leather used on the upper part of the heel panel has a grainy texture on the authentic pair in comparions to a smooth and cheap leather on the fakes ( see yellow arrow). Furthermore, the lining around the heel collar is thicker on the authentic pair than it is on the fakes.

The wing logo appears contracted on the fake pair and is a little blurry; the tumbled leather on the blue straps is rougher on the fake pair with more wrinkles. If you look at most Nike and JB shoes with tumbled leather, it is usually smooth.

Check out the back of the shoes, the fakes are leaning in a forward slash like pattern, but the authentic pair has a steeper and vertical like angle.

The swoosh logo seems to have bumps and is wavy on the fake pair; the panel leather on the authentic is grainy, rich and buttery looking while the fakes seem to be very dry and cheap ( see yellow arrow).

Bottle like shape on the authentic pair and shape-lesson the fake ( the edges appear vertical). And in addition check the lining on the heel collar, much thicker on the authentic pair
i’m not sure if the difference in the color is due to the lighting but one of the difference that you’ll notice on the fakes is the pattern of the threads on the forefoot. they are supposed to have stars, but the fakes appear circular/ or square like if you look close enough

Here are more pictures of the fake air Jordan 1 royal , be wise enough to avoid any seller carrying pairs with identical traits

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