I Done Seen It All… Tri Color Supreme Air More Uptempo

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I woke up this morning to yet another ridiculous iteration of the uptempo, the Nike Air more Uptempo “Chrome” and decided not to even write about it. Then I came across a pair of Trio Colored Supreme Air More Uptempo, which is of course fake. So I thought to myself-” What gives these guys the audacity to make so many blatant fakes?“. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are now witnessing the aftermath of Nike’s adulterating the beloved Air More Uptempo. Are the bootleggers justified for counterfeiting the uptempo? Of course not , this is stealing and they ought to be held accountable and prosecuted for it. But this problem has deeper layers  than any of us can fathom.

Most of Nike’s products are manufactured in China, and I highly doubt that the Chinese government really enforces the copyright and trademark laws. For example there is an openly fake Yeezy store in Putian; I shared a post about it  a couple of months ago see link below

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem

I bet you the store is still operational to this day. How do you interpret that ? Let me make it more clear: it’s like selling illegal drugs openly in a physical store. I hope this illustration gives you a better picture of the extent of the problem.
If it’s this easy to sell counterfeits physically how much easier do you think it is to sell them online. And Nike doesn’t help alleviate the problem by releasing countless iterations of the same shoes . It’s almost like the brand is in direct  competition with bootleggers. Now you can understand why a brand like New Balance won’t manufacture its shoes nowhere else but locally ( within the USA). Well I’ll save that for another post. In my opinion, the Tri Color Air more uptempo is the bootleggers way of saying,
 Screw Nike , supreme , we are running the show and y’all can’t stop us, anything you do we can do and even BETTER.
Check the pictures below and I hope you laugh when you look through them all because that’s what I did. A can of worms has been opened and it’ll be extremely hard to close.

They even put the supreme and nike swoosh logo on the insole

tayib salami
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